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Citizenship By Investment In Antigua

Citizenship By Investment In Antigua

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    Country Information

    • Antigua & Barbuda is a unique island community. As the country is a twin-island nation located between the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
    • Antigua & Barbuda is the ninth largest country by size in the Caribbean, as well as being one of the most progressive and technologically influenced countries in the Caribbean.
    • The twin islands have been a part of the commonwealth since 1981. Making it a popular tourist destination, with dynamic environments, from long-spanning beaches to beautiful sunrise and sunset. Tucking tourists and the population to bed.
    • With the official language being English, Antigua & Barbuda have become renowned for a bustling economy, with a stable and strong economy.
    • Becoming a popular choice of an investment arena, where the country displays its evolution within the tourism and business sectors. Being the prime choice of A list celebrities to invest and seek relaxation.


    Saint John's





    Government Type

    Federal Parliamentary democracy

    Exchange Rate

    1 USD = 2.7 XCD


    English/French Patua



    ● The first investment is only accepted after citizenship approval.
    ● Antigua & Barbuda allows dual citizenship. No need to renounce your current citizenship.
    ● Home country isn’t notified of your newly acquired citizenship.
    ● Residency is not required apart from within 5 years of the granted citizenship.
    ● Education, language, and interview evaluations are not required.

    Global Mobility

    ● The citizenship allows the investor to reside in the United Kingdom six months at a time.
    ● Having a second passport allows applicants to receive visa’s a lot more seamlessly.
    ● Allows residency in Antigua & Barbuda alongside most of the listed Caricom countries. Without any limitations of visits, in terms of length and time of year.

    Wealth Protection

    ● No taxes on non-residences. Taxes aren’t applied on inheritance, gifts or capital gains.
    ● Applicants are able to open bank accounts with reputable banking institutions globally.
    ● No constraints over the repatriations of profits, as well as imported capital.
    ● Protection packages combine, exemption from import duties, tax relief benefits, corporate tax incentives and export allowance.