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Dominica Citizenship By Investment

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Dominica Citizenship Overview & Information

The Citizenship by investment program in Dominica was established in 1993, offering individuals and their families irrevocable second citizenship and passport in just four to six months.It is one of the most extended, fastest and most affordable programs in the world.

The program aims at attracting foreign investors to help boost economic growth in Dominica. Applicants can choose between two programs; donate to a significant development project or invest in real estate projects approved by the Government.

  • Processing Time

    ● 4-6 months

  • Investment Type

    ● Economic contribution via Dominica’s Economic Diversification Fund (EDF)
    ● Real Estate Investment

  • Investment Cost

    ● EDF Contribution (USD 175,000) Plus additional fees for a family of 4)
    ● Real Estate Investment in government-approved projects (USD 200,000, must be held for a minimum of three years. Plus government and processing fees).

  • Visa-Free Travel

    ● The Citizenship by Investment program allows Visa-Free Travel to over 160 countries.

  • Family Dependents

    ● Spouse
    ● Dependent children up to 30 years old
    ● Dependent Parents or Grandparents over 55 years old
    ● Unmarried dependent siblings under 25 years of age

  • Passport validity

    ● 10 years validity for adults
    ● 5 years validity for children under 16

Dominica Country Information

  • Officially known as the Commonwealth of Dominica, Dominica is a small Island Country in the Caribbean, located between Martinique and Guadeloupe.
  • It is named the Nature Island of the Caribbean for its pristine, unspoiled natural environment. The island is known for its breathtaking beaches, lush scenery, marine biodiversity and varied botany and wildlife.
  • Primarily covered by tropical forests, and is home to the world’s second-largest hot spring.
  • Dominica is a politically and economically secure country with one of the highest living standards and the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean.







Government Type

Federal Parliamentary democracy

Exchange Rate

1 USD = 2.7 XCD


English/French Patua

Dominica Citizenship By Investments Benefits


● Dominica allows dual citizenship. No need to renounce your current citizenship.
● No Physical residency is required.
● Education, language, and interview evaluations are not required.

Global Mobility

● A second passport allows applicants to receive visas a lot more seamlessly.
● Allows for more accessible and more private international travel to over 160 countries, from Singapore and Hong Kong to the European Union and the UK
● Holding citizenship in a Commonwealth country such as Dominica can help obtain a business visa or residence permit in many other Commonwealth countries such as Canada or Australia.
● Obtaining citizenship allows applicants to receive a digital passport, increasing their security and significantly reducing possible forgery.

Wealth Protection

● Applicants can open bank accounts with reputable banking institutions globally with the newly obtained passport.
● Nominal taxation, with no wealth, gift, estate, foreign income, or capital gains tax
● There are no constraints over the repatriations of profits, as well as imported capital.
● Protection packages combine exemption from import duties, tax relief benefits, corporate tax incentives and export allowances.

Dominica Real Estate Investment Options

  • Investors have a variety of real estate options to explore with Dominica. With coastline properties or rainforest eco-resorts, investors are comforted with knowing that these estates will attract tourists and long income growth.
  • Shoreline and beachfront property harness and exploit the beauty that Dominica has to offer.
  • Many resort investments are offered, coupling the long sprawling beaches with well-furnished rooms and villas for guest accommodations, allowing guests to interact with one another, along with having easy access to the island’s culture and atmosphere.

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