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Golden Visa Portugal

Golden Visa Portugal

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    Facts About Portugal

    Portugal boasts a rich and diverse culture, Mediterranean climate, and a safe and stable setting, which is an ideal location for raising families, conducting business or simply for travel. Investors find many opportunities in Portugal’s secure and fast-developing market with access to the entire Schengen zone. 

    • Portugal Is one of the oldest countries in Europe, located in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula.
    • Portugal is a relatively small country of approximately 11 million people. It is safe and stable with a low crime rate, an ideal country for raising families, conducting business, studying, or travelling.
    • Portuguese Mediterranean climate is characterized by its mild winters and pleasant summers.
    • It is known for its rich historical and archaeological heritage.
    • Portugal offers many investment opportunities in the private and public sectors with its secure and fast-growing market with access to the entire Schengen zone.
    • Portuguese is the primary official language, but English is widely spoken.
    • The World’s and Europe’s leading destination by World Gold Awards.
    • Preferred and most welcoming nation for expats.







    Government Type

    Federal Parliamentary democracy

    Exchange Rate

    1 USD = 0.89 EUR



    Portugal Golden Visa Benefits


    ● Portuguese Residence in 4-6 months
    ● Portugal allows dual citizenship. No need to renounce your current citizenship.
    ● No long-term residency requirement (First year, seven days and 14 days for two-year periods after that)
    ● No Interview, language skills, education or management experience is required.
    ● Include spouse and dependent children and parents in one application

    Global Mobility

    ● Portugal Golden visa allows you to travel visa-free within the entire Schengen Area.
    ● Apply for Citizenship after 5 years.
    ● Travel visa-free or visa on arrival to over 170 countries worldwide.

    Tax Benefits

    ● If you reside less than 6 months out of the year in Portugal, you are considered a non-tax resident; as a result, you will only pay taxes on income gained in Portugal.
    ● Double tax treaties with 80 countries (ensuring that you only pay taxes in Portugal or the other countries but not in both).
    ● No inheritance tax in Portugal.
    ● Benefit from a favourable tax regime for the first 10 years.

    Portugal Real Estate Investment Options

    • Investors have a variety of real estate options to explore. Either by purchasing a residential property or becoming a co-owner of a commercial, large-scale project for refurbishment. With either option, applicants are eligible for Portugal’s Golden Visa.
    • Benefits of co-ownership in large scale projects include:
      o Guaranteed annual rental return, starting on the first day of property operation.
      o Easy and Flexible exit strategy.
      o 7 days stay per year.
      o 100% of investment funds refunded to applicant after obtaining citizenship (5 years).